Between the Lines
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With or Without Sight
(Subcategories: Animals, Floral, Funny
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Beyond Expressions
Categories: With or Without Sight, Release, Gesture and Between the Lines
Art Style: Abstract and Expressionism
"Sometimes I like paint while
blindfolded, and draw faces without
looking at the paper."
Darkness Within
Joy and Happiness
Painting freely without restrictions to unleash the darkness within and express feelings of
joy and happiness by splattering paint or by using free-flow brush strokes of dark or light
and bright colors of paint on canvas.
(Subcategories: Darkness Within and Joy and Happiness)
Flowers 01
Dallas 01
Reference Pic
Funny Faces
Splattered Blood of the Ex
(Painted in the late 90's and signed in 2002)
Thank you for your love and support!
P.O. Box 740214   Dallas, TX 75374
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