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Art Style: Surrealism


1. Imagination, Dreams & Nightmares

2. Daydreams, Strength & Perseverance

3. Love & Affection

4. Trials & Tribulations
A New Art Collection is In The Making!
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About Purge and the Artist
June 18,2019
Jean Rivera’s painting titled Purge is both enlightening and captivating. It is the first surrealist painting originally painted in
2019 as an acrylic on canvas and measuring 30in by 40in. This fascinating painting is what Jean wanted to paint for over 20
years but circumstances prevented it.

In 1995. Jean was in a controlling relationship and was limited to paint what her husband approved of. Jean’s father and two
older sisters suffered with Paranoia Schizophrenia which was the reason her husband disapproval for that style of paintings.

“When I first told my husband of the details about Purge and told him why I needed to paint it, he didn’t hesitate to say no.
He told me because mental illness runs in my family he didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy or mentally ill too. My
imagination was something he wanted me to keep to myself and not express my feelings and share my painful past in weird
imaginative ways through art. I think he was more afraid of people asking me questions like, “what do the blocks of ice on
swings mean”. The surrealistic paintings I wanted to paint was my way to work through my pain and not to assign blame or
expose him or anyone else” Today Jean is free to express herself through without restrictions.
‘Melting blocks of ice on wooden swings with chains shed tear-like raindrops to rid the
darkness beneath them’

[Purge (pûrj) Vb. 1. To rid (someone or something) of an unwanted quality, condition, or
feeling. 2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (tr) to rid (a nation, political party, etc.) of
(dissident or troublesome people)]

My father always said, “There is a time and a place for everything”. What he said is
true. My first surrealistic painting titled Purge is my proof. It is about my life but it also
tells a story about what’s going on in our world today. I may feel the pain of my past but I
am not in a dark place today. Now that I’m in the right place, it’s time I finally tell the
stories and free my heart and mind.
There is a reason for everything and everything has a meaning...
There is meaning to every aspect of the painting. The bright sky above to the darkness below. The location of the crowd of
people holding umbrellas, five of which are still dark. The seven blocks of ice on wooden swings with metal chains. The eight
tear-like raindrops and twelve streams of rain, including the storm over the city of Dallas, each reveal internal meanings. The
wooden swings with metal chains were the first things I struggled to paint. Tears were shed with each brushstroke which
represented past memories and forms of abuse which came to mind while painting. If allowed to paint and tell my story about
Purge back in 1995, it would have had more darkness.

It was extremely difficult, emotionally and physically, to paint Purge. It took me a step closer to healing. Although I'm like an
open book, I don't cry on many shoulders or wear my heart on my sleeve. When I paint it is with emotion and feelings. To tell
my stories and speak out through my art without feelings of betrayal is important to me. To donate a portion of the sales of my
prints to non-profit organizations that help others is even more important. It is the next step of my healing process.