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I Do Means Forever
Speaking Out Through Music
Thank you for your love and support!
1996 was the year I started to express through music. ‘You
Just Can’t Have It All’ is one song out of a few I wrote, back
in the day, but those who abused me and feared their
stories will leak out wanted me to remain silent. Although I
chose to put my songs aside, their manipulative ways and
threats had influenced me. But I won’t let others stop me

October 2016, twenty years later, I picked up where I left
off. Not only am I writing lyrics, and the music, I’m teaching
myself how to play musical instruments and learning new
video editing programs. The lyrics may not be written well,
the music may not sound right and the videos may be
amateurish or poorly made, but I won’t let that stop me from
speaking out through music either

Besides sharing the difficult and unusual stories through my
songs, there will also be some that tell of the strength I've
had ... strength to pull through my many hardships. And I
will also share stories of the positive experiences of my life.

Although I have led quite a difficult and unusual life, it’s not
all about me. The songs may be about my personal
experiences, what changes I hope to see or what I dream
about, or they may be about what I’ve seen others live
through, and their hopes and dreams.

Whether the lyrics are messages meant for the people I
know, or know of, if only one out of over 100 lyrics I write
will help get the point across and stop "wrongful actions",
then one purpose in my life will be fulfilled.

– Jean Rivera
Lyrics - Songs - Music Videos

“I will express through lyrics first, and if it’s in the stars, the rest will follow soon after”
Genre: Blues, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B or Rock and more mood determines the genre as I write the lyrics.
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“What’s more important to me at this time is to write as much as I need to, when I need to.”
I Want To Be A Billionaire
I Am Prejudiced But Not Against You
Break the Mold
A Second Chance
Hello Mom Hello Dad
I've been pursued several times in my life
I've accepted hand in marriage too
But I wasn't so quick to say I Do
When I compared them all to you

If I settle just to get married...
I was searching for a charger for my digital camera
But I found my parents ashes instead

Hello Mom hello Dad it's good to know you're still together
And it's nice to see you again...
People think I'm crazy when I tell them what I want to be
But when I talk about the details they understand why I dream

When I see my family struggle as they live by the day
And hear children beg for food or a stable place to stay
It breaks my heart to see them suffer in any way
If I had the money I would take their pain away...
An uncle who lured children with his trickery games had made me
wary of men, does that mean all uncles will do the same?

A father who inflicted pain while preaching God's word had scared
me for life, does that mean all fathers will do the same?

A mother who left me in the cold for a man had killed...
If you can't handle what I say when I talk about my pain
Who can I talk to if I can't talk to you?

If you don't want me to paint what hurts me inside
How should I express those feelings I hide?

If you don't think I should...
Separation due to battles had turned life upside-down
Then pain due to loss made it difficult to bear
But your hand made the difference that turned life back around
You were the answer, to my prayer.

We broke prematurely, battles left us in pain
My life without my children was never the same...
Music in progress
There was a bright young girl who was giggly and shy,
When she talked to people she would stutter then cry,
She struggled in school when she couldn't read or write,
And when the kids teased her she started to fight,

She had problems at home that she couldn’t talk about...
Special Ed Girl
I wore see-through shirts and bikini underwear but I wasn’t nude
When a good friend of mine took sexy pictures of me,
My man didn’t mind if I showed them he was proud of them too
But when I showed you my pictures you tried to blackmail me,

You don’t know me if you think your threats affect me...
You Can't Blackmail Me
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At 1605
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Love Deprived
I was driving around and you were stuck in my head,
I came up to a traffic light and the light turned red,
My heart started to race then I started to shake,
When I think about you, I feel my body ache,

I love you, I want you, you're always on my mind...
Until The End Of Time
He was looking for true love, he wanted a good wife,
Someone to grow old with for the rest of his life,
Then a woman crossed his path, "his new wife-to-be",
A wife who would serve him and cater to his needs,

He showed her the side of him he wanted her to see...
Lyrics by Jean Rivera
(work in progress)
Fuel That Feeds My Fire
When we went to the grocery store
I watched you from a distance lusting over a whore
You told me to get limes while you get the meat
Once again you tricked me just to satisfy your needs

When you're out without me do you act the same?...
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